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Double D Puppies featured in YS Magazine

In September of 2008 we were contacted by Jacob Harkins, the editor for Yellow Scene Magazine. YS Magazine is published in the Boulder/Denver, CO area.

Jacob said that they were doing their annual pet issue for October and had decided to do it on Designer Dogs, as they have become very popular, and asked if we would bring up a few to have thier photos taken.

We had 3 different breeds pictured in YS Magazine. All photos were taken by Jessica Grenier.

You can check out Yellow Scene Magazine here: www.yellowscene.com

Jessica Greniers' website is: www.jessicagrenier.com

Here is a copy of the article that appeared in print and on their website:



All Kinds of Breeds Mixed Together Make Perfect…Pets

Puppies and kittens are undeniably cute. We were certainly enamored with the dozen or so doggies running around for this month’s cover photo shoot. Many of them were Designer Dogs, products of a newish fad that has breeders crossing Pugs with Beagles, Labradors with Poodles to create desired looks and traits. They even have fun names such as Puggles, Corbasses and Labradoodles. Inside this section we feature some of our favorites, with an eye toward helping you make a responsible decision on bringing a pet into your home. Many breeders do the right thing by treating their puppies the way we expect an owner to; some don’t. Meanwhile, local animal shelters are filled with abandoned dogs, cats and miscellaneous other pets ready for adoption. So enjoy the pictures of all these cute designer puppy and shelter mutts. Then read our tips on how to find your perfect pet.

Pugs and Beagles Mixed Together Make Puggles

These are the dogs that have popularized intentional mixed-breeding. It’s a toss up which traits will dominate (smashed nose or long snout, etc.). They are active and outgoing. They tend to look like a puppy well into the adult years. A majority of puggles have a black mask. On rare occasions they are completely black. Regardless of color, Puggles are as adorable as their names suggest.

Do It Right Tip 1
Temper Your Expectations: This is breeding. That means all bets are off in terms of what traits a puppy will end up with. When picking a hybrid breed, be comfortable with the pros and cons each dog in the mix brings to the table. If a breeder promises you a Puggle will not have breathing problems, you may want to walk away. You could get the best of both worlds; or the worst.

These are Puggles from Double D Puppies

Golden Retrievers and Poodles/Labradors and Poodles Make Doodles

Nearly every type of fashionable designer dog includes a doodle at the end of its name, and it’s not because the new breed sounds cool. Poodles have many endearing qualities and potential pet owners have placed them in high demand. They are smart, come in a variety of colors and sizes and don’t shed. On top of that, many pet owners shy away from the traditional look of a poodle, preferring what the pups look like when they’ve been crossbred.

Do It Right Tip 2
Cats Can be Crossbred, Too: But that is not necessarily a good thing. Some breeders have taken to crossing wild, bigger cats (think tigers) and domestic cats to get that wild look on a smaller, more manageable kitten. Small doesn’t mean perfectly domesticated. This practice is banned in some countries and states. Steer clear.

Shih-Tzus and Bichon Frises Mixed Together Make Teddy Bears

Both these dogs tend to shed little making the mix a good choice for those in need of a hypoallergenic pet. They are small, averaging 12 to 16 pounds, meaning this is a good match if you live in a small home or apartment. Don’t expect a certain look, as the colors of puppies vary drastically by the litter. Teddy Bears are perfect lap dogs who generally balance an active life with a desire to be pampered. They can also be toted in a hand bag for the Paris Hiltons out there.

Do It Right Tip 3
A Reputable Breeder: Has dogs/cats that appear happy and healthy, shows you where they spend their time, encourages you to spend time with the parents and has a strong relationship with a local vet. Refrain from pet shopping at pet stores—these businesses are central to the puppy mill problem. If you are unaware, these “factories” pump puppies out by the dozens and jam them into crates.

These are Teddy Bears from Double D Puppies

Corgies and Bassett Hounds Mixed Together Make Corbasses

These guys are very social and great for families with kids, and make the cutest puppies this side of an annual puppy calendar. They are generally sturdy and playful, although they need a lot of exercise to keep them fit. Colors include black and sable and sometimes a predominantly black or sable tri-color mix, and they’ll grow to the 40-pound range.

Do It Right Tip 4
Look for a Guarantee: A breeder should want to take a pet back no matter how long the animal has been away—three months or 10 years—and for whatever reason. Depending on circumstances, money may not be returned, but a responsible breeder will always prefer having dog or cat he or she brought into this world come back than wind up in a shelter.

This is a Corbass from Double D Puppies

Random Encounters Make Mutts

While the designer dogs we feature are certainly cute, there are plenty of equally adorable pets waiting for adoption. This Wolf and White German Shepard mix has been owner Nikki Berdzar’s best friend for 10 years. It was love at first site for her when she was working at the local shelter and saw Safire come through the door. Just like in real relationships, you cannot always predict the perfect pal based on looks. You may be best off visiting an animal shelter to see which pet picks you.

Do It Right Tip 5
Know What You’re Getting Into: There are too many unwanted pets in this world, so understand the good and bad that comes with pet ownership so your new dog or doesn’t wind up in a shelter, or worse. More than 12 million dogs and cats are euthanized in shelters each year. Don’t add to that. Stats from animalworldnetwork.com and the Humane Society of the United States.

Safire is a White German Shepard/Wolf mix who lives with Nikki Berdzar in Brighton.

Discover Your Mixed Breed’s Heritage with Dog DNA

Our photographer Jessica Grenier loves her 1-year-old Rat Terrier and Beagle mix. But she doesn’t know for sure that Diesel is actually part Rat Terrier and part Beagle. And that’s a drawback for potential pet owners when they head over to the local humane society. It’s impossible to be certain what your cute fella actually is—until now. Local vets and pet businesses are increasingly offering DNA testing so you can proudly (and accurately) tell all your friends what type of dog you really have. For a little less than $200, the Banfield Clinic (located inside many PetSmarts, including the Superior location), a vet will draw blood and three weeks later you’ll receive a booklet explaining the three strongest breed matches, including percentages. “Silly, I know, but I can’t stand the curiosity,” Jessica says.

We Love These Breed Names
Other Fun Crossbreeds: Buggs (Boston Terrier/Pug), Pomapoo (Pomeranian/Toy Poodle), Bagel Hound (Basset/Beagle), Jack-A-Bee (Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier), Yorkipoo (Poodle/Yorkshire terrier), Rottle (Rottweiler/Poodle), Westiepoo (Westie/Poodle) and Dorkie (Dachshund/Yorkshire Terrier).

Diesel is a Rat Terrior/Beagle mix who lives in Denver with Jessica Grenier




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