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We are happy to ship your new puppy to you.

We charge $500.00.*

Which includes the: Airline Ticket, New Crate, Veterinarian Check and my time/mileage to Denver.

After we recieve payment for your puppy, we will be happy to make all the reservations for your puppys trip to you. We perfer to send them on direct flights if at all possible. You will be informed of all flight numbers and times as well as comformation numbers.

*Most puppies will be shipped for this amount:

The only execption is if the puppy is a larger and the crate size we have to use is a Medium or Large crate, and the airline ticket is more (they just went up!)

Airlines charge by weight (puppy and crate) and size of the crate.    It does not matter which kind of puppy we are sending or its age (must be over 8 weeks).

We ship with United Airlines. We also must be able to ship to a MAJOR airport that can handle the large airplanes.





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