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Hershey - Bernese Mt. Dog male from Double D Puppies Shiba Inu pup from Double D Puppies St. Bernard from Double D Puppies Rottweiler pup from Double D Puppies Mini Beagle puppy from Double D Puppies

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About Us

We are Matt and Sally Lahm along with our children, Tori, Wyatt, Axle and Elexx!

We live on a small farm in Eastern Colorado outside of Seibert.

We have scaled back our breed operation and currently are only breeding Greyhounds, Rottweilers and Shiba Inus.

We have loved all the breads we have done in the past, but as life moves us forward,

we have found these are our greatest loves and have decided to devote our time to them.

We also have chickens, 1 turkey, Bay-Baby our horse and 3 mules that reside on the farm as well.


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Double D Puppies